Matt Fiddes Winchester

Matt Fiddes Winchester | Weeke Community Centre |  Taplings Road |  Weeke |  Winchester |  Hampshire |  So22 6hg

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Matt Fiddes Winchester | Weeke Community Centre |  Taplings Road |  Weeke |  Winchester |  Hampshire |  So22 6hg

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:4517:15Children 3 - 6MF Martial Arts - Mighty Matts (Official)Winchester Mighty Matts
Monday18:0018:45Adults, Children, Family 7+MF Juniors, MF Martial Arts - Junior & Family (Official)Winchester Juniors and Adults


Founder Matt Fiddes has taken the discipline and knowledge that made him the UK's top martial arts instructor and shaped it into training for life for everyone. Young adults are welcomed at all levels to learn how martial arts can be combined with fun, fitness and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life.

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Whether it is Martial Arts or Dance, our programmes are not only great fun for kids and adults, they also offer loads of other health benefits from fitness to building confidence to helping children with their development.

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"I have 4 children in the worthy down class. 2 in the junior and 2 in the mighty Matt's. My 3 year old has special needs and so finds social situations very stressful. Also she struggles massively with separation anxiety. Rachel has worked so hard to get her on the mats and despite the fact that I still end up on there with her, for the most part of the class she stays and participates like all the others. We joined in January and all 4 have already graded for their next belt. It's a fantastic family run club. Rachel, Ian Pete and Charlie are all so good with the children. There's a fantastic balance of discipline and fun. Let's also not forget Joe, he's a child helper, I don't think there's a child there that doesn't love him!!"

Melissa Harris

"My 14 year old started a few weeks ago at the Worthy Down class and loves every second so far. A great group and great outlet for teenagers needing something to funnel their energy into! Thank you to Ian & Pete for a great start & introduction into MMA!"

Ellie Meachem

"My 8yr old started 3 weeks ago, was very unsure at first but I'm pleased to say he's fallen in love with it. Every week he goes & comes away looking forward to the next session. He wears his new uniform tomorrow. Very happy with this & I highly recommend."

Trish Sugden

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