International Master Class Events


For all of our students and Instructors the journey in Martial Arts is never ending and we are extremely proud to be able to continue to challenge and inspire our Black Belts.  The International Masterclass events are designed to help all of our Black Belts improve in every aspect of their training, both physically and mentally.  Under the guidance of some of the industry’s leading Instructors our Black Belts are constantly learning and developing – pushing the boundaries of their understanding and levels of performance.

Where else can students experience such a high level of tuition and training, surrounded by like-minded Black Belts?  These events are not to be missed and should form n important part in every Black Belt’s journey.



  • To create a Black Belt community across the globe
  • To improve the learning and understanding of all Black Belts
  • To offer a new and challenging pathway for all Black Belts
  • To be a constant reminder to us all that we are all students
  • To share and experience some of the best Instructors the Martial Arts community has to offer



  • 1st Degree Black Belts and above only
  • All students, Instructors and franchise owners
  • All ages



  1. Warrington
    28th January 2023


  1. Canterbury, Kent
    26th February 2023


  1. IMC Swindon
    4th June 2023
    Red-stripes –Deputy
    Black: 2hrs
    1st Degree & above: 5hrs


  1. Street, Devon
    3rd September 2023



  • Southampton
    25th February 2023
    Red-stripe & above Red-stripes –Deputy Black: First 2hrs only