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Almost three decades ago, I had a vision.

Through strong dedication and perseverance, I brought this vision to life by forming, growing and maintaining (and then franchising) the world’s largest Martial Arts Brand. It has been a true joy watching the MF brand grow over the years while it flourishes into what many people know and trust today. I started off with one location in Barnstaple/North Devon and then worked endless hours on spreading the word and showing up for every class fully committed to give the best service possible.

The goal was to create a holistic environment for students in the Martial Arts world and having dedication to this vision requires me to be aligned with like-minded individuals. I always knew well my brand would do – and I am grateful I made the sacrifices I did back then. I created something no one had seen before that would become an international brand, and become the main source of my success.

With over 2000 locations later around the world offering a wide variety of classes at different levels across MF Martial Arts, Dance & Fusion. We offer a curriculum that is unique to any other because while we focus on fitness, we care about having the student grow mentally, emotionally, and physically and use our holistic approach to help our students grow. Everything the academic school does not teach, we teach through our famous MF life skills program. We are always looking for new locations to expand into and would love to show you the method that works best for your personal circumstances and goals.

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Master Matt Fiddes

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