About Matt Fiddes

Matt Fiddes is a respected expert in the international world of martial arts, fitness, and entrepreneurship. He first discovered a talent for martial arts at seven years old after being bullied at school. Five years later, he won his Black Belt. Leaving school at sixteen with no qualifications , Matt opened the first Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School in Barnstaple, North Devon, with just £100 in savings. Within no time, he had over 700 members and it became the largest martial arts school in the UK.


Matt’s unique life skill and educational programs have been a massive success, with over 1500 MF schools across the UK/Europe, including Ireland, Germany, Holland, Australia, and South Africa. He holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Black Belts in Kickboxing and Kung Fu.


Matt has numerous celebrity clients, including the late Michael Jackson, whom he served as a personal bodyguard and friend for over a decade. In addition to martial arts, Matt launched “MF Dance,” offering street dance programs worldwide. He has collaborated with Boxercise and Kick boxercise, leading to the opening of over 2000 new MF locations in 54 countries.


In 2016, Matt gained international recognition for providing expert advice as a bodyguard and self-defense consultant on the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris. He has appeared on major TV stations and has been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide. Matt achieved a record-breaking 1 million video views and 14,000 shares for demonstrating self-defense moves every parent should teach their children. He launched an online petition to make self-defense classes mandatory in all UK secondary schools.


Matt’s dedication extends beyond martial arts and dance. In 2012, he worked with injured servicemen and women at the Headley Court rehabilitation center and launched the NOBULL anti-bullying campaign, which received significant support across the UK and internationally.


As the Managing Director of the Matt Fiddes Group, Matt oversees the successful MF franchise brand, which offers fitness, self-defense, and personal safety classes to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He sits on the board of advisors for the Worldwide Martial Arts Teachers Association (MATA) and has been inducted into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame, European Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and Italian Hall of Fame.


Matt continues to train daily and is a dedicated father to his six children. He is passionate about helping others become successful entrepreneurs outside of the school system and is a sought-after speaker for business and entrepreneur events. Matt is also an anti-bullying ambassador and actively conducts school tours.


Matt  is married to South African singer Moniqe Fiddes, and they reside in the UK.