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MF Bicester Kingsmere | Kingsmere Community Centre |  Whitelands Way |  Bicester |  Oxfordshire |  OX26 1EG

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MF Bicester Kingsmere | Kingsmere Community Centre |  Whitelands Way |  Bicester |  Oxfordshire |  OX26 1EG

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Thursday17:1518:00Children 3 - 6MF Martial Arts - Mighty Matts (Official)Mighty Matt's (Ages 3 - 6)
Thursday18:1519:15Adults, Children, Family 7+MF Martial Arts - Junior & Family (Official)Junior & Family (Ages 7+)
Thursday19:3020:30Adults 14+MF Martial Arts - Junior & Family (Official)Adults Only (Ages 14+)


Matt Fiddes Martial Arts run some fantastic classes for ages 3+ that we can't wait for you to take part in; these aim to improve confidence, discipline, fitness and promote self-defence (only when necessary!) amongst a whole host of other benefits, in a fun, and unpressurised learning environment.

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Whether it is Martial Arts or Dance, our programmes are not only great fun for kids and adults, they also offer loads of other health benefits from fitness to building confidence to helping children with their development.

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"Lessons have had a brilliant impact on my son. The 45 minutes are full of fun, and he really enjoys the new moves and gets lots of interaction with all instructors. He always comes away from the lessons happy and excited to practice his moves. Mr Harrison always makes him feel confident, and makes all of the lessons fun for every child involved. He is always there to listen to any questions I have."

Rhian J. Owen

"Mr Harrison is phenomenal My two daughter go to his class and they are super happy, never want to leave any class."

Sidra Bahadar

"My son really enjoys these classes and, through the supportive environment in Mr Harrison’s classes, his confidence has grown. This is a great opportunity for children to develop key skills that will be of benefit to them throughout their lives."

Odile Early

"My son absolutely loves Mr Harrison’s class, the children are taught about discipline, respect and skills, but in a structured and fun environment. Mr Harrison along with the junior instructors are excellent."

Laura Thompson

"My son absolutely loves going to martial arts on a Saturday morning, Mr Harrisons' class has given him confidence and ambition. It's great to see people of all ages and abilities supporting each other through their gradings and having fun at the same time."

Nicola Mullen

"My family and I have been attending Mr Harrison’s classes for a few years now and have found them amazing! He engages everyone perfectly and the skills, focus and concentration that has been taught will last a lifetime. Highly recommend this class!"

Andrew Bramall

"My son has been attending martial arts classes with Mr Harrison for 4 years. A safe environment and well taught. Has built friendships, grown in confidence and learned a great skill."

Alex Eason

"When my son started he was a very energetic and he wasn’t very good at listening instructions, but after 1 year I can see huge difference. He is very cooperative, he is listening and plus enjoys every class at Martial Arts. Mr Harrison is a very excellent teacher with lots of experience ,he is funny,silly ,but at the same time he inspires lots of respect and discipline. I am very pleased about their educational classes (first aid, how to self-defence) so I strongly recommend to everyone starting from children to adults that want to bring their confidence in themselves."

Maria Druta

"Fantastic Classes! ☆☆☆☆☆ My son lacks confidence and becomes very anxious in new settings. We have attemped joining a few out of school activities but his anxiety becomes to much. His teacher suggested to try and introduce Martial Arts & it has been the BEST decision EVER! He absolutely loves his weekly lesson with Mr Harrison and really looks forward to them. He has been going for 5 weeks now and I have already seen a change in his confidence. Mr Harrison manages his classes to a good level of discipline but it remains in a fun atmosphere. 🙂"

Tracy Cherry

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